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  • It improves manual skills, reasoning and sociability. Recommended age 3 years and above These four hungry frogs want to munch a bunch of marbles,The faster you press their tails, the more marbles they try to chomp
  • Several game modes available, including chomp the most peas, be first to chomp a specific color pea, or assign different point values to different color peas; create new ways to challenge family and friends
  • Fun board games with four or more players are great for capturing children’s imaginations, attention, and enthusiasm; hit the button to make your frog jump up and eat most of the peas faster; easy game to learn and play.
  • if you get 6 on your Dice you get one more chance to throw the dice. This option if the players decided mutually not to have during the play can be avoided.
  • Material : Wood, Good for children to enhance their memory. Learn Hand to eye co-ordination A good gift and toy for kids