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Material Stainless Steel
Colour Black
Capacity 500 Milliliters
Item Dimensions LxWxH 23 x 6.5 x 6.5  cm
Item Weight 260 Grams

About this item

1.Smart Digital Design – With an HD LCD touch screen, the water temperature can be displayed in real-time. Let you drink the water that is best for your temperature anytime,anywhere.

2.Leak-Proof Insulated Material– 360 degree inverted or shaken without water leakage, the purchase of 304 stainless steel material is not easy to age deformation. The inside of the silicone seal ring design, strong sealing performance. It can be safely placed in the bag.

3.Keep hot and Cold Effectively – As research result, it can keep Hot for 12 H and Cold for 24 H effectively Persistent Use – High Tech Battery make the sliding screen be used more than 80,000 times.

4.The insulation of this cup are D65 mm (2.5 inches) and H230 mm (9.1 inches).with this perfect insulation so that everyone can appreciate it .and it’s easy to hold and carryed in your can also put it in your car.

5.Good insulation effect,and the insulation time is long: Measurement data: at room temperature, the water is at 100 ° C (212 ° F), after 6 hours it is 68 ° C (154.4 ° F), after 12 hours, the water temperature is displayed at 45 ° C (113 ° F).

6.with the temperature displayed on the screen no need to worry about if the water is too hot or cold for your stomach.if there is not enough water in the cup you need turn the cup up said down for about ten seconds so that the water can be measured by the sensor in the cap.